Dress Code

During competition, students must dress in professional business attire.

Gentlemen: Suits or slacks and a sports coat; shirt and tie; dress shoes.

Ladies: Skirt or pant suits; slacks, skirts or dresses with jackets; dress shoes. Hemlines are to be at least just above the knee.

Awards Ceremony: Students must attend the awards ceremony in full competition attire.

Violations: If the competitor's attire at any time during the tournament is deemed a violation of the dress code, the competitor will be asked to come into compliance before being allowed to participate.

Code of Conduct

Members will exhibit kind, polite, and respectful attitudes to each other and behave in a manner that brings honor to God.

Members will adhere to the Peacemaker’s Pledge as in Matthew 5:23-25, 18:15-17. This principle dictates that if an offense occurs, the offended should go directly to the offender to resolve the issue. No gossiping or discussing with another person. Rather, we seek to restore relationships. A third party may be necessary to resolve issues.