Meals for students, parents and family members will be the same. (Snacks for judges- including parents- will be available in the Judge area, free of charge.) All meals will be prepackaged from area restaurants, except pizza, which will be served in gloves.

Meals will be served in the Student Area.
All meals are $8

Lunch: Chicken Strips (3), fries, bread, water bottle (Slims Chicken)
Dinner: Orange Chicken or Teriyaki Chicken bowl, water bottle (Panda Express)

Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, Chips, Water Bottle (Chic Fila)
Dinner: Deli Sandwich, chips, water bottle (Jason's Deli)

Lunch: Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Water Bottle (TBA)
Dinner: Chicken Strips (3), fries, bread, water bottle (Raisin' Canes)